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About us
Gare des Robes, established on January 5th. 2009, is Hamburg"s first online fashion rental agency with a new hire principle.

We provide exclusive fashion pieces solely to stylists: a fashion mix of evergreens, affordable basics & street wear, vintage couture, avant-garde young designers, as well as shoes and accessories - and our innovative website enables registered customers to choose a pre-selection (wishlist) from the extensive range of products on their screens even outside working hours.

The collection is constantly being extended with new and "interesting items" at our centrally-located premises of more than 150 square metres.

Stylists, designers and fashion lovers also have the opportunity to lend out their exquisite fashion items for - and only for! - professional purposes, without having to lose them from their wardrobes forever.

The rental fee paid by a stylist per week is shared between the agency and the owner, the latter receiving 30% of the sum.

Closed on Monday. Monday - Friday 11-5pm.